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Forget blame game and learn vital lessons

Amid all the wringing of hands, pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth over the current 'water crisis', can I ask for the latest body count? How many have died in this 'third world' crisis? How many has Lady Cholera claimed?

It is a situation that we, as a hardened, determined people, will get through. Our grandparents would laugh at us - given what they experienced in the war years.

I detest the culture of 'we must have someone to blame'. NI Water haven't covered themselves in glory over the whole affair, but how could anyone have anticipated the damage that such unprecedented weather would cause? It is so easy to be wise after the event.

NIW should, however, be taken to task over its communications policy, which was, at best, poor.

As this is the second successive year of unusually cold weather, we must assume that 2011 will offer the same challenges. I suggest the following steps are taken: 1. Lag your pipes; 2. Buy a water butt; 3. Build up a supply of bottled water.

I trust NI Water will learn from the trials of 2010 and that our Executive will release the money necessary to upgrade the water infrastructure.

Incidentally, we have been without water for the last three days. Thank God the wine stocks are healthy.



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