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Forget Haass, it's time we were the 51st state

NOW that our politicians have failed – once again – to deliver an agreed future, we should consider an alternative, more optimistic way forward for the New Year.

Instead of inviting Americans over here simply to mediate, why not go the whole way and ask Uncle Sam to embrace Ireland, north and south, as the next two states of the Union?

Imagine the trade, jobs and investment which would flow in our direction from our neighbour across the pond?

Americans could holiday in Europe without having to leave their country. Ireland, north and south, would be united as part of the United States, but with two separate administrations under a federal system.

We would be the gateway to America from Europe and vice versa. The sporting opportunities would be immense.

We once provided more American presidents per square foot of land than any other country. We could do it again.

The Belfast Telegraph should consider running a poll asking who would like the opportunity to become the hub around which a new stronger relationship between the US and Europe could be created.

At the very least, it would make for an interesting debate. Perhaps if our politicians cannot move forward on our behalf, we could find a way round them?


NI4NI (New Ideas for Northern Ireland)

Consultant radiologist, Belfast HSC Trust

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