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Forget Marie Stopes clinic and look after hospitals

Northern Ireland is a strange country, to put it mildly.

We have the hysterical reaction from some quarters over the opening of the Marie Stopes clinic (which, incidentally, will be operating within the law), while our MLAs add to the debate by revealing their misogynistic pro-life true colours.

Edwin Poots comes over all 'Arnold Schwarzenegger' and warns the clinic to watch its step. All very laudable, Edwin.

Nice to see you being such an upholder of the sanctity of life.

While we're on the subject of lives, there will be more than a few lost if you go ahead with your proposals to close down the Causeway Hospital A&E department.

Never mind Marie Stopes, what about all the innocent people in the Coleraine and surrounding areas who could die because their nearest Accident-amp;Emergency departments were (the already stretched to breaking point) Altnagelvin and Antrim?

Time you got off your high horse and sorted that out - instead of the limbo of uncertainty we have found ourselves in for so long.

Oh, and something else you might like to consider - abortion is the only solution for rape victims (or give them the morning after pill) - anything else is inhuman and evil.



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