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Forget Scotland and focus on your country

Your issue of January 16 gave coverage, editorial, letters and a comment platform to the subject of Scottish independence and the referenda. The editorial encouraged Northern Ireland to make its views known.

The SNP has its current mandate by presenting to the Scottish electorate a politics that is Scottish, addressing Scottish issues, not a facsimile of a Westminster agenda which the other main parties offer.

In other words, the current electorate in Scotland seeks an uncompromised Scottish perspective on how their society develops.

Scotland and its people may not always agree, but as Scots we do share a single defining characteristic; we are resolute, make up our own minds and don't take kindly to being told what to think.

Like the Prime Minister and his rag-tag of cronies, you and your contributors make the same fundamental mistake. All the effort to tell Scots the benefits of the Union could backfire.

As a Scot and a voter here in Northern Ireland, I would suggest to local politicians and commentators to keep their counsel and focus their time and effort on the pressing issues within this devolved region.


Lisburn, Co Antrim