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Forget the future, our present is already Catholic

I found the article on the Community Relations Council report which hailed 'The future is Catholic and female' an interesting read (News, February 29).

I would, however, have to say - albeit with tongue slightly in cheek - that it is very clear that the present is already Catholic (or should I say 'perceived Catholic' in the terminology of the Equality Commission).

Even the most casual observer would note that most of the senior management interviewed on TV and radio from organisations in the public and voluntary sectors are 'perceived Catholics'. Where are all those senior managers who are not 'perceived Catholics'?

It would be good to get a breakdown on the participation of both communities in the senior echelons of our public and voluntary sectors. You can't argue with figures, can you?

No matter how Catholic the present appears to be, I would, however, say good luck to all the females in our community.

Go for it, and may the best women get all the jobs and less of all this 'perceived' nonsense.


Ballyclare, Co Antrim

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