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Forget tribalism of the past and let the light in

Leonard Cohen said: "Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering, there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."

Well, there is a crack in Northern Ireland's political system and there is a chance to make a change.

The current system is not working, as is evidenced by the second election in under a year. Northern Ireland needs a brighter future.

Voting along the same old tribal lines will not result in change. Many of today's politicians are mired in the past and seem incapable of change, but, as the old song says: "There is no future in the past". Whatever you got up until now, you will continue to get in the future.

If you vote for change, it may not be as perfect as you would like, but it will be a start in the right direction.

So, I tell you, forget about tribalism, vote for the candidate you think will try and make a difference and not maintain the status quo.

There is a crack. Let the light in.



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