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Foster's failure to step down is contemptible

I write to observe that there is surprisingly little criticism in the media of the real cause of the collapse of the Stormont administration. The cause is Mrs Foster, pure and simple, not an inability to get along with Martin McGuinness, or anything else.

Mrs Foster's political sleight of hand has deflected attention away from her contemptible shirking of her duty to either resign, or stand aside, pending an inquiry into the heating affair for which she was responsible.

In an open society, it is imperative that persons in office discharge their duties with integrity. Alas, this quality was absent.

She did not have the moral courage, or the integrity, to obey her duty to fall on her sword to clear the air for action to repair the damage she left.

We are now left with Mrs Foster in circulation, free to cause damage, while we have been plunged by her default into a totally unnecessary election at an already difficult time in our declining relationship with Europe, which, of course, includes the Irish Republic.

Mrs Foster's inaction has left us facing an unappetising future.



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