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Foul language at Windsor deserves red card

I ATTENDED the Northern Ireland v Portugal match at Windsor Park earlier this month with my son. This was also my two grandsons's first introduction to international football.

Although the match was great fun for the boys, what a disappointment when we sought to buy them a Northern Ireland scarf each, as none were available, either within or outside the ground. A search eventually located programmes being sold out of the boot of a car inside the ground.

The mobile PA system acquired for Ronaldo (arguably the best player in the word) broke down after the first four words of his presentation on sectarian-ism/racism.

The foul and abusive language of some supporters was so intimidating, one of my grandsons was reduced to tears in fear. This in the "family stand", with plenty of stewards.

This does not bode well for the future of Northern Ireland football if it is indicative of the entrepreneurial instincts and abilities of those in charge.

On the issue of the "new" stadium, I fear our friends across town at Ravenhill, to their credit, are fast leaving soccer in their slipstream. So, too, have our politicians failed us. How have we ended up with three partial solutions, when what we need is a new Northern Ireland national stadium? Too much today is about giving everybody a slice of the action, instead of making the right decisions.


Donaghadee, Co Down

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