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Fox attack proves danger of this vermin

I am sure I speak for every person involved in hunting when I express my deepest sympathy to the parents of the two helpless, innocent, children that suffered horrendous injuries from the attack by a fox.

I cannot help but wonder what is passing through the minds of people who view a fox as some form of a cuddly toy, and worse still, how silly and stupid those politicians that voted to ban hunting must look now.

Already I hear from the media that it is unusual for a fox to attack people.

Let me inform these people that when any animal is hungry, its normal eating habits are cast aside when an easy meal is presented.

Can these stupid, blind people who go weak at the knees when they see a fox not see that it was starvation that made this fox attack these children?

At present the whole country is overrun with this vermin and the sooner the farcical hunting ban is repealed the better.

Waiting for another attack on another innocent child is just not acceptable.


Kircubbin, Co Down


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