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Frazer flagged up his own foolish ways

I refer to Willie Frazer's outrageous outburst at the school in Tyrone (News, May 18).

Even if it was the Irish tricolour, so what? We live in Ireland, Willie. The 1954 Flags and Emblems Act is long gone and, bar for a few dinosaurs, everybody else has moved on.

It is not illegal and those that choose to fly the tricolour are no more likely to be terrorists, or training to use guns, than anyone else.

I personally am not that insecure of my nationality to need to.

Do you Willie, know anyone who is trained in guns and bombs and killing civilians who flies a flag? I do and they are based in other people's countries thousands of miles from here.

You look foolish for getting all heated up about a piece of coloured cloth.


Banbridge, Co Down

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