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Free Presbyterian elders in Ballymoney need to examine conscience over windfall from scheme

Letter of the day: heat incentive outrage

I refer to the comments by the Rev Park, the minister of Hebron Free Presbyterian Church in Ballymoney, when he told the BBC that the church is giving "surplus money" it makes from the Renewable Heat Incentive to charity.

The church stands to receive £270,000 over a 20-year period.

It is interesting to note that at least £5,000 would be donated annually and the total amount would be £100,000.

It is most disconcerting and alarming.

I quote the following comments from a church elder: "We recognised that biomas would meet all of our heating requirements for the church and free up around £10,000 a year to use in other missionary works."

I would like those concerned to inform me just where this surplus money came from in the first place.

I can tell both the Rev Park and the elders that this surplus money is helping to deprive our hospitals and roads etc of money that should be diverted to them.

I refuse to believe that such monies being diverted to missionary efforts would enjoy God's blessing. It would be akin to accepting Lottery money.

Did they hear the old lady on the media last week relate how she is frightened to turn on the heat and spends most of her time in bed to keep warm?

Did they not have a conscience regarding the surplus?

Why was the surplus money accepted in the first place?

Deep Thinker

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