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Free speech must not be called a hate crime

I am glad that Bemused (Write Back, August 8) has been willing to say openly what many others have seen in recent years - that, far from promoting equality and diversity, the LGBT cause has done the opposite.

He/she is correct in saying that "equality and respect for diversity only exists when individuals are allowed to have differing opinions", but, instead, we have seen a concerted attempt to silence those who disagree with this new orthodoxy by calling them bigots, homophobes and taking them to court, thus closing down debate through fear.

A democratic country must allow freedom of speech and conscience and that includes being able to say something is right, or wrong, without it being called a hate crime. Surely, a cause which relies on closing down all opposing voices and making others conform to their own views has something very wrong with it? stella wilson

Tandragee, Co Armagh

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