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Freedom to have an abortion at will is not humane

There is a famous engraving of a kneeling black slave who pleads: "Am I not a man and a brother?" The unborn child, threatened with abortion (being attacked and killed), might similarly plead: "Am I not a child and are not you my mother?"

The most recent case has, once again, made abortion a hot topic. Fionola Meredith (DebateNI, April 8), who holds MLAs opposed to abortion in contempt, eulogises the freedom to abort at will in England as humane.

William Booth wrote a book entitled In Darkest England, which laid bare the social evils which 19th century England closed its eyes to.

Today in Darkest England a blind eye is turned to the holocaust of 200,000 killings annually under the 1967 Abortion Act.

In certain cases the taking of a life at full term is allowed (eg Down's syndrome). Sex-selected abortion is ignored.

Dominic Lawson says that his delightful, happy Down's syndrome daughter condemns pro-abortionists who think that such are not fit to live.

At the root of this thinking is a false ideology of the type which supported slavery. The aborted - like the slave - is a "non-person".

The housemate, in the most recent case, saw with horror what she called "a wee baby". Ms Meredith glosses over this by calling it "the sad remains of a pregnancy''.

The lack of enlightenment is not here, as she claims, but in Darkest England.

Having said the above, I commend Ms Meredith for defying the trolls to defend the rights of Ashers bakery.


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