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French authorities are wrong to ban burkinis

Regarding the recent reports of a riot on a Corsican beach, apparently triggered by a tourist taking a photograph of women in 'burkinis', when you take a photograph of someone without their consent, the image of that person is taken out of their control.

Therefore, this behaviour is a violation of the right to privacy.

It follows from the foregoing that the photographed women in burkinis were the victims. So, when they opposed the photographing, they acted in self-defence.

Apparently, the situation got out of control and resulted in a fight. And what is the reaction of the local French authorities? They prohibit burkinis and thus punish the victims.

A proper action would have been to prohibit the photographing of strangers on the beach without their consent.

When a woman wears a burkini she does not do harm to any other person. So, the burkini bans are wrong and should be repealed immediately.



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