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French poet Alexandra Ganga's moving tribute to toddler killed in Ulster Troubles

Angela Gallagher was a toddler killed in the street by a stray bullet.

She was one of the numerous and too many innocent victims of the conflict.

I'm a French poet, and this story sums up the view of many people who did not live through this conflict, for us the victims were neither Catholic or Protestant, but children.

The general image of this conflict in the French media and opinion is seeing kids on their way to school, surrounded by the police to protect them from projected stones.

Your country is fabulous and passionate on all points.

I hope one day, people from Ireland will find the great balance to live in harmony and expectations from anyone fulfilled.

Kinds Regards,

Alexandra Ganga

Letter to Angela Gallagher

Seventeen months

You have lived seventeen months.

Loved by your Pa. Loved by your Ma.

And all day long the lullabies

Sang by your Pa. Sang by your Ma.

Were always rhythmed by the bullets' sound

And down the street on this summer day

With Pa and Ma to the shopping mall

You ended your life of seventeen months

They said you were one of the hazards

Of urban guerrilla warfare

Is this true? O Angela!

you have like to go to school?

Or have played in the garden?

Picking clovers and daisies

Or talking over the fence

To the McConnell and the Cassidy

In all those months of bells and screams

Armies, Police and Graffiti’s

O Angela seventeen months

When grown up kids play hide and seek with some weapons

Your Smile and Eyes

Were worth than years of babyish game.

By Alexandra Ganga

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