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'Frest Start' deal another attempt to undermine Northern Ireland

At the heart of the current problems of Northern Ireland is the fact that the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement was the work of the same 'team' who gave us the Iraq War and Afghanistan.

The Belfast Agreement for Northern Ireland was constructed on very shaky foundations.

Part of the mix in the foundation was an element whose main aim was, and still is, to destroy the very state of Northern Ireland and in its place reconstruct a new United Ireland!

A group with no desire for Northern Ireland to succeed; quite the opposite. They syphon away the sand in their bit of the foundation and pick away at the concrete - the state and its agencies.

We should never forget that this group, Sinn Fein, previously Provisional Sinn Fein, are currently and always have been directed by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA).

After years of pure terror the IRA rebranded as the defenders of the Catholic people and 'freedom fighters'; but in reality they were the oppressors of the Catholic people.

To continue to deal with the political wing of PIRA and announce a 'Fresh Start' agreement is naive and condones terrorism.

Sam Roberts

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