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Fundamental mistake with Ark calculations

Believer in Science (Write Back, October 24) has used many detailed calculations to demonstrate to his own satisfaction that the Biblical account of Noah's Ark doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

Unfortunately, while most of the information that he quotes from the Bible is accurate, he makes one fundamental error.

He uses "species" as his basis for calculating the number of animals to be accommodated on the Ark, whereas the Bible specifies "kinds". "Kinds" are groups of animals that can interbreed and there are, therefore, a variable number of species within a kind. Scientists have calculated that, instead of 61,000 animals, there could have been around 16,000.

If Believer in Science (and your other readers) have a look at, they will find an article by an eminent scientist, who deals in detail with all of the other objections which he raised.

I'm a believer in science, too, but when scientists introduce assumptions into their theories these can often lead them to wrong conclusions.


Bangor, Co Down

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