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Fundamentalist beliefs should not be used to form law on women terminating pregnancies

letter of the day: abortion debate

Would Donald Gale (Write Back, January 5) please desist from using his own personal beliefs and scriptural references when dealing with the subject of termination of pregnancy?

This is a matter for the pregnant female and her own views.

Not every one holds the views of Mr Gale, but everyone should have a right to have a body of law that applies equally to all.

The Bible has lots to say on the nature of human life, which may indeed be useful to those who believe in a universe created specially by a conscious entity, favouring those who believe in him, her or it.

However, it certainly has nothing to contribute to those who do not subscribe to such beliefs.

Fertilised eggs and early human embryos are no different from the early stages of any mammal and, in law, should be treated as such.

It is all well and good if people choose not to terminate pregnancy under any circumstances on the basis of their religious beliefs, but it should not be enshrined in the law of the land, which is for everyone.

I agree entirely with Deirdre Gorman (Write Back, December 20), who is one of the few women to express such views in the Belfast Telegraph.

I look forward to hearing from more people like Deirdre Gorman as part of this important debate on the rights of women who do not subscribe to the fundamentalist beliefs of Mr Gale.


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