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Fury has right to express his views

Has anyone else wondered why other sports stars can curse, swear, binge-drink and hop in and out of bed with different people and little or no comment is made; yet when one person dares to comment negatively about homosexuality, the wrath of the whole PC establishment is heaped upon him and he is treated as a pariah?

Tyson Fury (who came fourth in the list of votes cast on Sports Personality of the Year, by the way) has had no experience of dealing with the media and they, in turn, do not know the kind of person he is.

But whether we like them, or not, surely he has the right to express his views, which then can be debated openly and reasonably, rather than the knee-jerk "homophobic" response which seeks to intimidate and silence all opposing views?


Tandragee, Co Armagh

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