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GAA must adopt video playback

Christy Cooney, the GAA president, is 58 years old and his fellow leaders are probably even older. They remember television as something on which you watched 'Rin Tin Tin' and Annie Oakley.

The GAA will never move to embrace video technology for score and critical play review until the old guard has moved on and you get young, fresh talent into the organisation's management.

The bad calls are unnecessary. The irony is that here am I in Odessa, Florida, and I can see live and in real time what the referee is not allowed to see -- the replay that would lead to the correct decision.

I brought some Irish people to an American football game this weekend. They were baffled when they saw the instant replay working flawlessly.

Why could the GAA not make such a simple change to its rules in order to save its reputation?

John Doyle, Ferns, Co Wexford and Odessa, Florida

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