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GAA's coffers must be overflowing

I attended the All-Ireland semi-final between Down and Kildare and had a great day out, helped obviously by a Down win. I paid a total of £40 (€48) for my ticket and got a rebate because of my age.

I have just been informed that ticket prices for the football final will be £70 (€84), a hike of 80pc over the semi-final price. This makes me furious.

There will be 80,000 fans on the day -- an increase of almost 20,000 over the Kildare game -- who will consume more food, more beer, buy more programmes and merchandise, thus increasing revenues.

Sponsors will be keener to become involved. The GAA will bask in thousands of euro of free advertising throughout the lead-up and event itself.

TV will have companies queuing up for ads, which is good for future revenue.

A friend recently visited Old Trafford for £50 (€60), where every player on the pitch is paid over a million sterling a year.

The GAA is reputedly 'amateur'. So where is the extra funding going?

I would like some of the faceless mandarins of Croke Park to explain why it costs 80pc more to run a game in September than it does in August and to explain to those families who have children who would like to see their heroes in an All-Ireland final why the family cannot afford it.

I would suggest a boycott of games but that would not work, as there are enough bankers, politicians and developers who can easily afford these prices.

Michael Durkin

Omeath, Co Louth

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