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Gail Walker: Has Catholic education body learned nothing?

Not that I care about Catholic religious issues, but what does this say about serious criminal issues and how these people slip through the cracks?

Cult Creature

Rosa McLaughlin is not the first person with a terrorism conviction to be working in schools. But, surely, when they have served their time, it shouldn't prejudice their future careers? Better to normalise into society than be lured into criminality. The bigger scandal is the number of ex-terrorists put forward by Sinn Fein for elections. Compare the number of terrorism convictions against the population of nationalists and it is madness that so few political seats can be divided among so many from this small group. The average nationalist suffered through the Troubles; they didn't take up arms and fight the 'battle'.


Get over it. The people whingeing about Rosa McLaughlin would probably have no qualms about ex-soldiers, ex-RUC Special Branch, ex-B Specials, or ex-UDR people teaching in schools, because, of course, their killings were state-sanctioned. So we're supposed to think that's all right, then, are we? Well, tough.


Fionola Meredith: Making money from a violent past troubles me

Welcome to the ghetto, where mob rule governs the masses and poverty breeds more criminal thinking.

Cult Creature

I really don't see how Fionola can comment on something without going on the tour. As David Ervine said: "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it."


We recognise people may have doubts and concerns, as our tour deals with Northern Ireland's uncomfortable heritage. However, we believe the tour is genuinely educational and commemorative, while remaining apolitical. Feedback confirms this.


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