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Gail Walker: They're derided, but society still relies on Christians' charity

Interesting article, but I have to say that I object to the idea that human beings are by nature 'Bad Samaritans'. I am not a believer in any supernatural being, but I work for charities and do my best for my neighbours. I do this not because of any God-given directive, but because I am a human being with an evolved and reasoned sense of decency. Support the human, leave the supernatural out of it.


City Hall row over tribute to two murdered corporals

Who votes for these morons? It is proof that you can fool some of the people all of the time.


If there was ever a time for leadership in this city, this is it. We can't afford this pointless bickering over graves and who is and isn't worth remembering.


For the DUP to use this brutal murder for political point-scoring is disgusting. The DUP are digging up this dark period to fuel sectarian tribal division.


Sculptor quits after women factory workers project stalled

This piece of work [designed by Louise Walsh] should be placed on a new site and appropriately redesignated as a monument to the failure of the Department for Social Development clowns. It's a pity that they don't simply rust away in tandem.


Absolutely ridiculous. This woman has been out her own money to get this monument displayed yet the DSD have for years now let it rust. Why? What kind of people let this sort of thing happen?

Many believe that there are some people who just don't want the monument erected, unless it is put in some out of the way place.



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