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Gary Hart: US will invest in Northern Ireland, but only if there is stability

Translated: America will invest in Northern Ireland as long as they can make a profit from it.

Nick Smith

Gary Hart pontificating as though America functions without instability. Has he so soon forgotten the stand-offs Democrats and Republicans have had, which led to many government workers being sent home; many government workers having to wait for their salaries.

Michael McFarland

His solution to the sectarian divide? More religion. Laughable, really.

Stephen Courtney

No US investment then.

Trevor Cast

Now, if Americans can just follow suit and find a common identity for themselves; the Republican/Democratic divide is perhaps even more strident than that separating nationalist/loyalist.

Jacqueline McCurry

Utter nonsense. It is not about developing one identity (look at how the rainbow nation of South Africa has failed lamentably in this); what matters is respect for other people's identity - giving as much respect to different identities as one asks for oneself. Respect for diversity, rather than all being the same. Wait for the latter and we'll be waiting for ever.

John Brewer

In other words, adopt what new law and rules we put forward to Northern Ireland, or we don't invest. Blackmail, in other words.

Damien McNally

Captain Terence O'Neill argued in the 1960s that, if Catholics were treated "well", they would behave "like Protestants". Has nothing been learned by Gary Hart?

Raymond Lennon

Don't hold your breath then.

Geraldine Gunn-Cunningham

Scotch and Irish in the north are like oil and water - they don't mix.

Joe McCann

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