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Gay Byrne fires broadside at McGuinness

Who does Gay Byrne think he is? He is a dinosaur and his opinion is as unwelcome as his presence. For years, he has been trying to undermine republicans and he no doubt hates to see the progress that Sinn Fein is making. Does Gaybo not realise that some of Ireland's greatest-ever leaders waged war against British forces? I thought RTE was meant to be impartial in all this. It's clear that Martin McGuinness is being victimised by these people. They fail to realise that all this does is give McGuinness vote after vote.


Well said, Gaybo. It's nice to see that there is plenty of class in Dublin. It would be an embarrassment having Martin McGuinness as president of Ireland. Other than the clear ethical and constitutional issues, it's just downright tacky.


Who cares what Gay Byrne thinks? He's not good enough to host the Rose of Tralee. He's the 'West Brit' type that McGuinness was talking about, only the BBC wouldn't have him. The interviewers can't get anywhere with Sinn Fein leaders because the interviewers are stupid.


And yet, if he were running for president, old Gaybo would win it by a canter. In fact, I'd bet if he was running, Sinn Fein would not have bothered to enter the race at all.

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Big Chief Ally

I can't believe that unionists have fallen for McGuinness. Sinn Fein still wants a 32-county socialist republic. Has everyone been drugged or gone mad?


My goodness. How dare anyone call McGuinness a liar. Did you not know this man is up for sainthood? Surely all here will agree?


Gay Byrne is right - the evidence is there for all to see. Ask Mrs Hegarty about who told her it would be safe for her son to come home after the Provos chased him over to the mainland. Who guaranteed her son's safety? Then what happened to her son? Shot in the head.


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