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'Gay cake' issue a gold mine for legal profession

Further to the bakery saga of a simple cake, I wonder what would have happened if the baker had simply said, "I do not believe in supporting gay marriage", and did not use religion as a reason?

Let's take a hypothetical case, where a republican from the Falls Road in Belfast walks into a small bakery on the Shankill Road and orders a cake, leaving a deposit to have it baked, thereby forming a legal contract.

He then goes back later and tells the baker he now wants the wording "support Ireland's unification" put on top of the icing of the cake, but the baker tells him that he cannot do that, as that would be against his belief for Northern Ireland to remain within the British system.

(A similar analogy can be applied to a loyalist going into a small bakery on the Falls Road, wanting the wording on the cake to be "say never to Ireland's unification").

I believe it would be fair to say that in both cases, these bakeries would need to have a glazier put on stand-by due to what would happen to their business premises.

I have watched the deterioration of one's right to speak their mind, but issues like these are time-wasting, albeit a very profitable gold mine for the legal profession, paid for by you know who... yes, the taxpayer.

I have to ask, is telepathy next on their list for a law case ?



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