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Gay debate needs mature approach

I look forward to a peer review of Geraldine Grice's opinion (Write Back, June 18) that homosexuals are not mature enough to leave the same-sex playmate behind and enter marriage.

Seeing as the number of heterosexual men who hang out in gangs with same-sex friends into their twenties, thirties and beyond to play football, or march in bands or play golf, it would appear that similarly they can't abandon the schoolyard friendships, either.

Yet all of this playing with mates of the same gender does not in itself disqualify these people from marriage on the grounds of maturity (or lack thereof).

Of course, we do not need to wait for a peer review of Geraldine Grice's opinion. Psychologists around the world are no longer of the opinion that homosexuality is either a mental illness or a developmental malaise.

It is a pity that Geraldine - like so many who express views that are anti-LGBT - seems to neglect science. If only we had been created with a brain that could process such information.


Executive committee LGBT + Liberal Democrats

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