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Gay lobby sets out to crush all who disagree

I WOULD like to point out that the attack on the man in Lurgan was a "suspected homophobic" attack (News, September 18), whereas many newspapers reported that it was definitely fuelled by drink and drugs.

Why does your correspondent Tom Cooper (Write Back, September 19) not inveigh against the drink and drugs trade, or, for example, against the makers of the pornographic film the men were watching, instead of focusing only on suspected "homophobia"?

I would agree with him that politicians need to be careful when speaking about any group of people and that some of their comments have been less than helpful.

However, may I point out that true tolerance is the ability to allow people to hold their opinions, whether one agrees or disagrees with them.

Calling anyone who sincerely believes that homosexual acts are unnatural and wrong "homophobic" (a continued wrong use of the word anyway) is just as intolerant as those Tom Cooper castigates.

The former Ulster Unionist Party leader, Tom Elliott, has every right to say he would never attend at a Gay Pride march – just as others have the right to say and act differently to him.

I rather fear that this is yet another example of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) lobby trying to stifle all dissent from their view by vilifying those who differ from them.


Tandragee, Co Armagh

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