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Gay lobby's agenda is to undermine marriage

So another journalist jumps on the equality bandwagon.

Marriage, Mary Kenny says disparagingly (Comment, February 1), used to be about creating a dynasty.

This is a rather hyperbolic way of saying that marriage has the possibility of continuing the human race through producing children.

From the beginning, that has been bound up in the original meaning of marriage, which has always been between a man and a woman.

So why should a tiny minority (1.5% of the population, according to NGO statistics) be allowed to change something which has existed for the benefit of society for so long, when they already have civil partnerships which give them all the rights of marriage except the name? Even the Home Secretary, Theresa May, could not say, when asked last week, what difference marriage, as opposed to civil partnership, would make to 'gay' couples.

So what on earth is the point of changing it?

It seems to me that there may be a hidden agenda here, in that the LGBT lobby is not so much concerned about wanting the status of marriage for themselves, but rather they want to strip marriage of its age-old heterosexual meaning in order to further their own cause.

I hope the public will see this and make their voice heard against a change when the consultation period starts next month.


Tandragee, Co Armagh

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