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Gays don't need public sympathy

I do not watch soaps and did not see the show referred to by 'Non PC' (Write Back, November 28), but I do know it is not a 'gay show'. It merely featured a storyline involving gay characters.

Perhaps 'Non PC' should realise that homosexuals do not need sympathy from the public and I am intrigued by what he/she is implying by the 'real condition'? Surely 'Non PC' would not be so naive as to believe that homosexuality is anything other than a part of nature? The kind of division promoted by 'Non PC' is what segregates humanity into warring tribes.

Of course, everyone is entitled to his or her own beliefs and one should never be forced to accept a view that they personally find improper, however 'Non PC' should realise that he/she is attempting to do just this by encouraging others to accept the views expressed. Hatred breeds hatred. I imagine the world 'Non PC' wishes to create would be a frightful place in which to live!

Jonathan Martin Belfast

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