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Gaza crisis: Lindy spot on in her column

I'd like to pay tribute to the article by Lindy McDowell about the damage to the synagogue in Belfast. She describes two parallel issues.

Firstly, the way "legitimate" criticism of Israel is used as a cover for attacks against the Jews.

Over the last 40 years the Northern Irish Jewish population has shrunk to the point that they could now probably fit on to a double decker bus.

Yet to some the mere existence of this tiny community is an insult – and they must be made to pay for actions over which they have no control.

And secondly, the impossibility of Israel defending herself.

Hamas fires rockets hidden in civilian areas, from civilian areas – at civilians.

It is very rare for anyone to point out that Israel does not have a choice.

Even rarer for anyone to observe the imbalance of publicity with regard to civilian deaths in Syria, Iraq, Libya etc, etc, when compared to Israel/Palestine.


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