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Gaza crisis: War apologists just as guilty as the combatants

I fully endorse Gerry Gregg's view on the Israel/Arab conflict, as that expressed in the Belfast Telegraph (July 22) when he aligned the conflict of Hitler's Nazi party, and on a lesser scale the IRA's, against a foe that militarily cannot be beaten.

Leaving aside who is right or wrong, in every conflict it is the ordinary citizen that suffers. It is they that carry their relatives to the grave and are left with only memories of loved ones.

This breed of blinkered psychopaths, who believe that war is the answer to their grievance, need human sacrifice in order to encourage others to join their war.

Those who give support for a military victory for Israel or Hamas are as guilty of murder as the combatants of the conflict.

Those who declare war as the answer to their problem show an abysmal lack of intelligence, or a callous regard to humanity.



Co Down

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