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Gaza situation not as simple as it appears

Colin Nevin (Write Back, August 11) is not comparing like with like when he likens the "more than 1,600 deaths in Syria at the hands of President Bashar Assad in recent weeks [to] the estimated 1,300 Arab fatalities during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza".

The former were entirely civilian in nature, whereas the vast majority in Gaza were, even if not in uniform, military operatives of Hamas.

Those civilians who died were as a direct result of the latter's deliberate policy of locating rocket launchers and other military equipment in schools, hospitals and mosques, which explains the reason for what David Morrison (Write Back, August 12) describes as Israel's "deliberate targeting of civilians, deliberate destruction of civilian buildings and infrastructure . . ."

Furthermore, the description of many of the casualties as children is an emotional deceit.

They are no more children than the youths who have been rioting and looting in London, Manchester and other British cities in the past week.

As David Cameron said about the latter: "If you are old enough to commit the crimes, you are old enough to receive the punishment."


Salford, Greater Manchester


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