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Gazette was right to criticise Carroll and Bradley


I have read the editorial published in the Church of Ireland Gazette commenting on the report by the Consultative Group on the Past (CGP) and the BBC's Sunday Sequence programme (News, June 18).

I can give first-hand testimony on one issue: that of £12,000 compensation.

In the early 1970s, I escaped within seconds of a bomb exploding in a long-ago-demolished building in Belfast city centre - the memory of which has now mostly faded into my past, except for the occasional thought of the flying splinters of glass.

I neither want nor do I require compensation, as recommended in the CGP report, nor do I wish to meet those who planted the bomb on the shop counter and gave staff and customers a five-minute warning. They can seek their reconciliation elsewhere. The issue of whether or not perpetrators of terrorist crimes count themselves 'victims' is not a matter of concern, or even a consideration, for me.

I suggest that Archbishop Alan Harper should reflect and familiarise himself with those members of the Church of Ireland who suffered from terrorist acts before rushing to apologise to the Rev Lesley Carroll and Denis Bradley, who have been well-compensated in their own right at £300-a-day for their input into a report that has been rightly rejected.

I wholeheartedly support the sentiments expressed by Canon Ian Ellis in the Church of Ireland Gazette.


Bangor, Co Down

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