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Genuine animal lovers should be going vegan

Valentine's Day, if you strip away the flowers and chocolate, is about love and compassion. It presents the perfect opportunity to reflect on our relationships and examine who we really care about.

That list often includes companion animals. We welcome them into our homes and consider them an integral part of family life. Compassion can clearly transcend species.

Most of us think of ourselves as animal lovers. Behind closed doors, however, billions of farmed animals are being exploited. And who’s funding it? We are, through our dietary choices.

Dogs and cats are family, but pigs, cows and chickens are just resources to be used.

This concept is called “speciesism” — the idea some animals are less morally important than others, purely because they belong to a particular species. In years to come, people may well reflect on our (ab)use of animals as unthinkable, an era never to return to.

Progress is being made in tackling some forms of oppression in our society, such as racism, sexism and homophobia. Now is the time to bring discussion of speciesism into the mainstream.

This Valentine’s Day please consider extending your compassion to all animals by going vegan — it’s never been easier.


The Vegan Society

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