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George Osborne: corporation tax cut depends on Stormont talks outcome

Corporation tax is the last thing the boys on the hill should be getting until they can learn the skill of future social and commercial infrastructure management.

Michael McClenaghan

Words I never thought I'd say: good move, Mr Osborne.

Lynne Waterworth

Sure these fellas have difficulty enough at the minute filling out their expenses forms without devolving more financial responsibility on them.

Dave Robins

How about introducing a living wage? If the corporations get low tax, then they need to treat their workers correctly. They shouldn't have it both ways.

Tony Dasrymer

Clever, clever move.

Andrew McCann

A good incentive to make sure the talks fail. Sure, they can't manage anything at Stormont. Other taxes will inflate in time to negate any advantage. The Republic has already stolen a march on us in this regard - and it's not doing them much good. Now it's time to pay the piper.

Colin Watterson

Blackmail. At any cost. Or no cost. Look what was promised after the Good Friday Agreement was signed. If my memory serves me right, was it £40m? Or £400m? Anybody with any sense wants peace, but at what price?

Alan Beattie

So it's get your fingers out boys, do what you're supposed to be doing to earn your pay and you might get something. About time. Stormont and the cronies caught on at long last.

William Shiels

Thank God they saw sense. MLAs couldn't run a bus run, never mind a country.

Zandra Oakes

My plan is to kettle the MLAs in Stormont and let them play a virtual reality game in which they manage Northern Ireland while, in the real world, direct rule returns.

Ian Elmes

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