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Gerry Adams in fresh call for border poll

The GDP per capita data is rather interesting regarding the likely wealth of the six counties in a united Ireland vis-a-vis the status quo. Even after a devastating recession throughout Ireland, income per person is sixth in the EU and about $10,000 ahead of the UK. Why, then, is Northern Ireland the poorest region in the UK? We are unable to set taxes. The profile of many of our industries are much closer to that of the Republic than the UK. We are dislocated from the wealth centre of the UK. The UK government has no incentive to carry out long-term planning and investment to address the needs of this region.

South Derry

Not sure why everyone seems to believe we're better in the UK, when it is only being kept afloat by the Bank of England printing almost half a trillion pounds to buy government debt. They also refuse to invest in Northern Ireland. Our students trounce British students every year at GCSE and A-level. But we should be grateful they allow us to stay in the UK (and continue to be its poorest region).


For goodness sake let us put this issue to rest and have a vote.

Tulsa Kid

The Secretary of state must have good cause to call a border poll. I would like to know how she makes this decision, or what she calls 'good cause', because a really big reason for a border poll would be the recent census figures showing the British identity is no longer the majority in the north.


Aontroim32: The Secretary of State must have evidence that there is a chance of success for people who want a united Ireland. There is no evidence of that.


8billion: Stop passing off opinion as fact. In your opinion there is no evidence, but others have the opinion that there is evidence. The Good Friday Agreement is very vague about the evidence required. In reality, I would say the Chancellor will tap the SoS on the shoulder and say that he wants to save £10.5bn a year.


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