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Gerry should live by his own words on abuse

IN an opinion piece in the Irish Echo in July 2011, Gerry Adams referred to child sex scandals within the Catholic Church.

In his article, he attacked the "endless apologies and failures by bishops and archbishops and cardinals to face up to this issue honestly".

He went on to say of these clerics that "too often, they have been revealed to have been more concerned about scandal and its impact on the Catholic Church than with the needs and concerns and interests of victims".

Following the conviction of his brother, Liam, of 10 charges of sexually abusing and raping his underage daughter (between the ages of four and nine), it has now emerged that Gerry Adams knew about these heinous crimes more than 20 years ago and that he failed to bring this knowledge to the attention of the authorities.

It now appears that, in a previous trial, Gerry Adams gave evidence that his brother had confessed to his paedophile activities in 2000 in Dundalk.

This information was not made known to the police on either side of the border, or to social services. Subsequent to this confession, Liam Adams was involved in youth work on both sides of the border.

Using his own words, at best it can be said that Gerry Adams has failed "to face up to this issue honestly". To adopt his own words, was Mr Adams "more concerned about scandal and its impact" on his own political career?


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