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Gerry's memory isn't undermined

After watching RTE's programme 'Gerry' about broadcaster Gerry Ryan, I don't feel let down or betrayed by him.

Drug-taking is an overwhelming affliction that has taken many lives, but Gerry can never be overshadowed by a battle with drugs.

Drugs are futile and, obviously, the scourge of society, but Gerry was the light upon the path of that same society.

Maybe he could be called foolish for turning to drugs, but maybe people have never tried hard enough to understand the troubled existence he had lived in his final days.

Gerry Ryan was a family man, a broadcasting hero and a true friend to the entire country.

The shadow and the stigma attached to drugs and drug-taking can never cast itself upon the greatness of his personal and professional life.

The media and social analysts should now let Gerry rest in peace rather than focusing on his struggles through cheap newspaper headlines.


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