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Get efficient with our rates

If ratepayers fail to pay their rates, they can be imprisoned. This is a worry for struggling small businesses and indebted householders.

However, rates are needed for essential services like waste management, building controls and parks and cemeteries. How councils spend money is the issue.

To spend £100,000 on a wheelchair ramp is excessive when it could cost much less.

Investing in innovations that turn problems into products and save money and energy would be more sustainable.

The fact that rates are increasing is proof that services are unsustainable. They don't provide sustenance for clients.

Let's take the former dump in north Belfast. This 100-year-old heap contains methane, a valuable energy source, which is being flared off. It will last 40 years.

We need sustainable culture in all departments and sectors (parks, transport, finances, recycling, etc) so that our money and energy endures.

I want to pay rates for sustainable council services.