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Get over guilt and spend time with your child

I wasn't at all impressed by the arguments put forward by Kate Whiting in Talking Point (Why should working mums ditch the guilt? Because their children don't suffer at all, Life, September 22).

In fact, I was left with the distinct impression that this article was merely some sort of personal confessional for Ms Whiting to own up to her "parenting sins".

She said that her son goes to nursery for four days a week, for about 10 hours a day, amounting to "40 hours that he's not being looked after by me or my husband". But she concluded that "he loves nursery". So that's okay?

Er, no it's not. No matter how you dress it up, I think for a baby or young child to be left to spend 10 hours a day in nursery is terrible. It is just far too long a stretch of time to be away from a parent.

Despite her protests, I think Ms Whiting secretly does feel guilty and would have been better off dealing with that privately.

The reality is that all your children want and need is is your time.


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