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Get real and deal with all welfare issues

In response to Paula Bradshaw's letter (Write Back, May 11), I wonder if Paula has advised her peers at the Windsor Women's Centre to stop campaigning against the reality of welfare reforms; that there's only a "potential" for negative impact on children and young people, so let's move on and deal with it if it happens.

Paula mentioned about holding our local politicians to account. I watched the Children's Commissioner going head-to-head on TV with Nelson McCausland, discussing her reports (there were two of them) about welfare reforms. I got the impression they were not best mates, but, in my book, that was holding the minister to account.

Paula said the commissioner was only offering theoretical, rather that practical, solutions, so I checked out these reports.

I found that, between the two reports, 21 recommendations were made for consideration by our local leaders. If the safeguarding and welfare of our children and young people are paramount, then let's get real and deal with all the issues - not just school closures.


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