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Get your own patch in order Mr McGuinness

LAST week saw Martin McGuinness declaring that the unionists were in hock to loyalist extremists. I would draw Martin's attention to the full-page coverage of fuel laundering, people, drug and cigarette smuggling, counterfeiting and general lawlessness in south Armagh and north Louth in the Sunday Times (January 12).

The article quoted directly from police officers who openly accused the IRA and their dissident comrades of being behind this criminal activity in Sinn Fein's heartland. It costs taxpayers on both sides of the border hundreds of millions and nets the terrorist masterminds behind it untold millions.

It again names and shames 'Slab' Murphy as being the mastermind behind much of it.

Now, MartinMcGuinness, and your party, you sort this out before lecturing others.


Co Antrim

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