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Getting heated over home oil supplier bother

I write regarding problems with heating oil suppliers, which I am sure many others have.

Recently I placed an order with a local supplier. The web price of £143 was for debit cards only. As I was paying cash on delivery, it was £148.

When I queried the difference they had odd excuses - customers were not in; or did not have cash to pay the driver; handling cash holds up the driver.

They suggested paying by debit card. I said it was unsafe to pay that way online. They no longer accept cheques - even if they wait until it clears. They say they bounce. While others may do, mine most certainly do not.

The other issue is: they cannot give definite times for delivery. Even just a day would suffice.

I understand most suppliers use GPS software, so they should be able to say a time and day.

The other problem one encounters is trying to order by phone. One is held up in call queues with banal background muzak.

Surely they could make their customers suffer in silence.


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