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Getting to the heart of our grievances

Giving the PSNI £200m and letting them engage with these crazed dissident groups will serve no purpose other than to reignite the conflict.

The PSNI are supposed to take on a group which plays by no rules, has no morality, and thrives on intimidating people. That's not sensible. It wouldn't be long before Catholics leave the police.

This whole show has to stop now. All causes of grievance have to be faced up to. The Government, instead of attempting to suppress this for another generation, has to realise that it just can't be done.

Let's dissolve this problem by accepting that the Plantation of Ulster was actually profoundly evil and that the unionists really don't have a historic reason for being here. They may want to stay; I'm sure they will. But they just didn't arrive here to fight the Battle of the Boyne, or any other such nonsense. They're here due to financial incentives.

When the British Government speaks in a moral way to unionists, the force of their endeavours here in Ireland will melt because they have no basis. Then we'll get back to integration and assimilation and the future will evolve.




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