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Gig reviewer bit of a Blockhead

I am writing in response to Andrew Johnston's review of The Blockheads concert at the MAC in Belfast (News, August 6).

Having been to the gig and had the most fantastic experience, I was somewhat bemused by Mr Johnston's report.

Firstly, he refers to Sex -amp; Drugs -amp; Rock -amp; Roll as "their biggest hit". Does Andrew not think the 970,000-selling song Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick should actually be classed as their "biggest hit"?

He then refers to The Blockheads frontman, Derek Hussey, as "substitute vocalist" - an insult.

The Blockheads are not an Ian Dury tribute act. Derek Hussey is the lead singer of The Blockheads - not a "substitute" for anyone.

Finally, your reviewer refers to the band performing "a handful of new tracks". The songs referred to were from the 2009 album Staring Down the Barrel - hardly "new".

Perhaps Andrew's review is best summed up by the lyrics of a song performed that night - A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing.


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