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Gildernew has worked hard to stop fees hike

In reply to Andrew McKeever (Write Back, February 8), who states that Michelle Gildernew did not vote in the Westminster debate on tuition fees, he is absolutely correct.

Michelle fought and won the Westminster election on an abstentionist basis, not only because of a principled position, but also because MPs from the north of Ireland have no sway.

Others fought the last election on taking their seats and stating they could stop the cuts, yet they have been implemented.

Sinn Fein was the only party which stated that only by having fiscal control transferred to the Assembly could we stop the fees rise and it has worked hard to find £1.6bn to offset the cuts while other parties said there were no other monies available.

Michelle has led by example in deferring any increases to student fees in the agriculture department and Danny Kennedy, as Minister of Employment and Learning, has the same choice by rearranging his budget.

MPs who fought the last election promising to stop the cuts sold people a pup.


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