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Givan and DUP should be getting own act together

At a time when politicians of all shades are under fire for their alleged abuse of expenses and the DUP and Sinn Fein leadership for their toleration of the downright bad manners of Gregory Campbell and Gerry Adams respectively, I was astonished to read in Liam Clarke's excellent piece (News, November 27) that Paul Givan intends to seek a change in the law as a result of the Ashers Baking Company controversy and "that" cake.

Someone in business, who decides to use the protections afforded by law (as he is perfectly entitled to do), cannot - and should not - complain if his company is challenged where its actions might possibly be in breach of someone else's rights under law.

To seek to diminish another citizen's rights - even before a case is heard - is the worst sort of kneejerk reaction possible.

Mr Givan's concern for the "rights" of Christian business might be taken more seriously if his party also demonstrated a genuine and consistent commitment to relevant basic Christian principles.

He might be better employed using his time to get his own party to sort out its act before leaping to the defence of Ashers, which seems perfectly capable of defending itself.

No matter which side wins this case, the tribunal, or judge, will set out the facts of the case and the reasons for the court's decision, which may be subject to appeal.

When finally settled, the complaining customer and Ashers Baking Company will both be clear in law as to their rights and obligations.

Thankfully, politicians (of the standard we have) will not be involved in that process.

Fair Treatment

Claudy, Co Londonderry

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