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Give facts to back up your claims, doctor

Dr Sarah Harden, of Trinity College, Oxford (Write Back, July 23) needed no convincing that Ronnie Crawford seemed to be bereft of 'facts' concerning his biblical account of Creation.

However, Dr Harden did not produce any evidence to support her somewhat futile attempt to disprove a 'Creator God' and the historical figure of a man called Jesus of Nazareth.

Readers of Write Back have, in the past, read letters from atheists, humanists, evolutionists, creationists and others, where some very interesting observations were made in relation to these subjects.

So, come on Dr Harden, give the readers of Write Back "classical" examples of what you believe to be the true facts and with substance and proof to back them up with regards to these much-debated issues.

I and the readers of Write Back await your deliberations with much interest.


Newtownards, Co Down

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