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Give Northern Ireland its own soccer anthem

I WAS listening to the Northern Ireland versus Portugal match on the radio on Friday night and the PA announcer told everybody to stand for the "national anthem of Northern Ireland".

Once again, God Save the Queen was played and, once again, we had to put up with the disgraceful scenes of a section of 'loyalists' singing 'no surrender' in the middle of it.

Yes, they are so loyal to the anthem they desecrate it halfway through. But how exactly is this going to encourage nationalists to come to Windsor Park?

And, strictly speaking, is God Save the Queen not the national anthem of the United Kingdom, rather than Northern Ireland?

If Scotland and Wales can both play their 'own' anthem for football, rugby union and hockey matches, why can't Northern Ireland do the same for football matches?

I would suggest Danny Boy, which is played at the Commonwealth Games, would be a suitable choice.


Carrickfergus, Co Antrim

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